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Meet Our Team

Emily Starr, MS, LPC-TAC

Hi! My name is Emily Starr and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor. I received my Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Community Counseling from John Brown University in 2014 and have 18 years of combined experience in residential, outpatient, and school-based mental health treatment settings. I specialize in women’s issues, issues relating to attachment styles, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and custody/blended family issues. I also work with divorced and single parents as well as blended families and have worked closely with the court system to assist families who are affected by divorce. I see people of every race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. 

My primary therapeutic approach used in counseling sessions is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which examines how beliefs and self-talk interact with behaviors. Other approaches used include Attachment-Based Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Client-Centered Therapy. Having knowledge of multiple approaches allows me to tailor therapy to fit each client.

I'm passionate about empowering my coaching clients to unlock their potential and achieve meaningful results in both their personal and professional lives. I help my clients gain clarity, set realistic goals, and develop actionable plans to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

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